Conception and production of tailor-made electronic equipment

Our research unit has developed electronic products based on client specifications and ideas since 1993. We design the hardware and firmware for every project we work on and then support our clients in all the phases of the product’s life cycle.

Vydec - électronique

Our value proposition

Embedded electronic

Design of electronic, analogue and digital cards is built into a microcontroller. The process starts with the development of a prototype, which is then subject to EMC testing and finishes with small and medium series production runs.

Embedded systems

We develop autonomous systems combining electronics, IT and mechatronics.

Connected objects

Electronic devices are embedded with systems to exchange information with one or several components. Our experts support you in designing your future connected devices.

App & software

We develop software for Windows and Linux that allow us to communicate via embedded systems.


As a solution for obsolescence: we make identical copies of electronic components or redesign the card with more modern components.


Increasing frequency of information exchanges between different software is becoming a requirement when setting up complex systems. In many cases, the software makes SDKs available to enable them to communicate externally. Our team develops gateways to allow and facilitate communication between your various software.

How we work

Discussions to develop an understanding of your needs
Project assessment based on client specifications
Design of the electronic interface
After-sales service

Innovative research department

Our experienced engineers design, develop and manufacture electronic products. After assessing the project, we use CAD to design the circuit and mechanical parts, we then create and adjust the prototype before manufacturing the finished devices.
We also support our clients in each stage of the product assessment.

Concepteur et fabricant de produits électroniques Vydec