VY 4200/xx
  • Local recording
  • Wifi or 3/4G communication module
  • Battery monitoring via cloud
  • LiFePo4 960 Wh/h
  • Quick fastener
  • Specific painting
The Vydec mobile terminal allows for the simple deployment of a video surveillance system without having an infrastructure.

VY 4200/xx

The stand-alone video terminal allows for the quick and easy deployment of a video surveillance system.

This solution can be installed in any location and is self-sufficient thanks to the latest generation battery technology that significantly increases the product's lifespan.
The security of the information is ensured thanks to encrypted Wifi connections and the provision of VPN session for the 4G link.
This solution allows for rapid deployment without the need for civil engineering work.
Possibility to supervise battery voltages via the cloud.
Possibility to quickly and easily move the vision points.
Flexible product because it accepts a large number of fixed or mobile cameras.

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